Water Heater Replacement Challenges Lakeland Plumber

Posted on: January 18, 2017 by in Plumbing
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Water heater replacement is usually a pretty straightforward job for a licensed plumber but occasionally one makes the job challenging. See the challenge below.

When a job goes smoothly this is usually the steps that are taken:

  • verify that the water heater needs to be replaced
  • shut the gas or electric office leading into the water heater
  • shut the water off is coming into the water heater
  • drain the water tank
  • remove the gas or electric connections from the tank
  • remove the water lines that lead into the tank
  • remove the water line that moves away from the tank
  • remove the old hot water tank
  • but the new hot water tank in place
  • reconnect the water intake line
  • reconnect the hot water line leading away from the tank
  • reconnect the gas or electric that heats the water
  • turn the water back on
  • check to make sure there is no leak on the line coming into the tank
  • turn the fuel source back on so the water can start being heated
  • turn the faucets in the house on to help get the air out of the system and to check to see if the line leading away from the water heater is leaking
  • turn the faucets off once the air has cleared the lines
  • clean up any mess that was made

Unfortunately, our plumbers encounter a job that’s a little more challenging. The image below shows one such job:

Water Heater Replacement Before

Before Replacement

As you can see from the image, there were a lot of water lines that had to be identified and moved before we could even get to the water heater.

Note: If any electrical modifications or upgrades had been needed, a licensed electrician would have to be brought in to make those modifications or upgrades.

Some of these lines were for cold water and some were for hot water but there was no designation as to which was which so they had to be traced from their source to the destination before they were unhooked.

Once we got all of the lines identified and moved out of the way, we can finally start the job of replacing the water heater.

Water Heater Replacement After

After Replacement

This is a photo of the completed job with the new water heater in place with all of the water lines out of the way. As you can see, the lines are different colors so the homeowner knows which pipe is a hot water line and which is a cold water line.

The first image shows that the plumbing was probably a do-it-yourself project and the second image shows a job that was completed by David Weeks Plumbing. If you need water heater replacement done at your home or business give us a call at (863) 648-4634.

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