Sewer Line Video Inspection

State-Of-The-Art Drain Clearing Technology

Have your sewer lines video inspected and your drains cleaned or replaced with the help of our state-of-the-art technology.

David Weeks Plumbing Sewer Line Video Inspection EquipmentOur state-of-the-art technology isn’t limited just to our sewer line inspections. We also have video inspections for your pipes and drainage systems to detect leaks, along with acoustic leak and tracer gas detection.

See our leak detection page to learn more.

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Before the use of this technology, plumbers had to blindly probe through a pipeline with no guarantee that their labor would identify the problem. Even after finding a clog, plumbers could not properly identify the problem in order to take precise measures to reach a resolution. Today, with video sewer inspection, plumbers can rightly identify a clog, or any other problem, and treat the problem accordingly.

When you get a sewer line inspection from David Weeks Plumbing, we use a color video camera that allows us to inspect your pipes ranging from 1 1/2 inch to 8 inches in diameter.

Once we video a sewer line and locate the source of the problem, we have the technology that allows us to pinpoint that location in your home or yard, allowing us to make the needed repairs to quickly restore optimal effluent flow to the system.