Cost-Effective Leak Detection Service and Repair

Stop paying more than you should in monthly utility bills due to leaky pipes. With the help of the leak detection services at David Weeks Plumbing, we’ll find your leaks, fix them quickly and help you save your hard-earned money. We perform our own leak detection and repairs. Our company has been performing leak detection in Lakeland/Winter Haven area for over 20 years. Whether your leak is under the concrete slab of your home,in your wall, or out in your yard we can locate and repair.

TheAdvanced Leak Detection Technology Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to locate and repair hidden leaks in your home and yard. Using electronic pipe-locating equipment, we find and repair your leaks quickly and with minimal invasion to your property. We achieve this by locating the pipe then using our acoustic equipment to pinpoint the leak. The detector shown is just one of multiple pieces used  in our detection process.

Advanced leak detectionAdvanced Leak Detection Lakeland FL

Your time is money so we use the newest tracer gas detection technology to locate and repair your leaks. 

This technology allows us to locate difficult underground leaks in your water pipe system anywhere on your property.

By using this tracer gas leak detection technology, we can find leaks that just cannot be found using the more traditional acoustic leak detection methods.

Some leaks are too far underground for acoustics to be able to pick them up and others may not be large enough for acoustics to catch the trickle but the tracer gas technology gives us one more tool to find the leak and fix it before major damage can be done.

Leak Detection Then Leak Repair

leak detection repairFinding the leak is the first step in a two-step process. The location of the leak determines what technology has to be used to find it.

Once found, the leak has to be fixed. This may mean digging up the yard, breaking up part of the concrete driveway, breaking up part of the floor of your house, knocking holes in interior wall or knocking a hole in an exterior wall.

Image on this page shows that the exterior bricks were knocked out of the way so the plumber could get to the leaking pipes and fix them.