Repiping Services

Affordable Repiping Services

Leaky pipes can cost you a fortune in overly-expensive utility bills. If your pipes are leaking, call David Weeks Plumbing today for our professional repiping services.

  • Installation of new piping
  • Updating current piping to prevent problems
  • Repiping the whole home or a single line
  • Locating and isolating leaks
  • Free estimates

Repiping service includes:

For more than 40 years, your friends and neighbors have trusted David Weeks Plumbing when they needed quality repiping services at rates they could afford.

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Avoid This Potential Repipe Mistake

Repiping a house or business is a necessity that has to be faced once the structure reaches a certain repipe mistake

You MUST make sure you know where all of the water pipes, electrical systems and everything else that is located within the walls of the structure are located before you start to do your pipe replacement if you want to avoid the mistake some DIYers make.

The image shown here is the result of a DIYer that attempted a repipe without knowing where everything was located. This, unfortunately, ended up with them drilling holes for their new water lines through the drain pipe.

This mistake led to a water leak every time the faucets were used and it also led to a professional plumber being called in to fix their mistake.